Women of Fethiye will meet at Beşkaza Square on March 8th for International Women’s day


“Since woman’s greatest misfortune has been that she was looked upon as either angel or devil, her true salvation lies in being placed on earth; namely, in being considered human, and therefore subject to all human follies and mistakes.” Emma Goldman

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Over the years many achievements were obtained from the women’s movement in Turkey. But there is still a dark picture for women. Woman’s biggest problem is violence. Second is unemployment, followed by lack of education, and fourth is harassment.

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Even though there have been positive developments of women’s rights in the world in recent years, many problems for women have not been solved. The poorest and uneducated people in the world are women.

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Women are clearly be exposed to discrimination because of their gender in Turkey. They are deprived of educational opportunities, forced to get married at an early age, and subjected to domestic sexual and physical violence. Working women are employed as slaves in cheap labor, they are prevented from working in high salary jobs, and the rights to go to managerial positions in both the public and private sectors are being usurped.


The development of women’s rights is a movement that will not only improve the lives of women but also the lives of everyone living in this country. Way to realize the dream of a richer, freer and more fair Turkey, first of all goes through delivering the absolute women’s rights.

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On March 8th, International Women’s Day, women will descend to streets of the male-dominated system. They will say, ”Today we don’t leave the streets, squares or even nights”. Women will meet in Fethiye for a night walk at Beşkaza square at 20:00.

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