Üzümlü Village


Step back in time! A beautiful and authentic Turkish mountain village, full of character and charm, famous for its Ottoman style stone cottages. As it’s name infers you will see grapevines scattered around all parts of the village. Yesiluzumlu village; 500 meters above sea level, lies in a cool valley under the ancient Lycian site of CADIANDA and is surrounded by thick pine forests fed by mountain streams tumbling down the rugged hillsides.

This is an ideal location for someone who wants the enchantment of rural life but also the opportunity to visit the pretty harbour town of Fethiye and Calıs Beach, just 20 minutes drive away; with Oludeniz and Dalaman airport also within easy reach. Access to the main resorts is easy, by car, dolmus or taxi. Journey time to/from Fethiye is approx. 20 minutes by car in addition to a regular bus service.

Charm of a traditional woven style called Dastar still is seen in most of the houses. On looms found in most homes, a local pure cotton material , Dastar is woven by the village women. Table clothes & curtains are among the finished products available. You can also find special, delicious, home made wine all over Yesil Uzumlu.

Since 2009 an interesting festival is organized during the month of April at the Yesil Uzumlu district at a distance of 18 km from Fethiye. The festival, which lasts 3 days, covering various activities, is organized for the purpose of emphasizing the prominence and preservation of the Agaric. The name of the festival is Yeşilüzümlü Kuzugöbeği Mantar Festivali.

Throughout the festival, experts on mushrooms from the region, the country and abroad turn the event into an almost educational and production workshop. Hundreds of local and foreign interested groups come to Fethiye and Yeşil Üzümlü to join the hunt for mushrooms along with the residents. During the training sessions, the mushroom hunters are enlightened by the experts and lelarn to preserve and cook the mushrooms.

Species which grow generally during spring months. Since it is a greatly sought product throughout the world, it has a high economical value. Especially the special dishes prepared in the French cuisine with Alaric is preferred by the gourmets.

Interestingly, once the mushroom season is over in the pine forest around the Yeşil Üzümlü District, orchids start to grow. Like mushroom fans, orchid fans come to the district during the summer months and discover various special and witness the floral wealth of Fethiye. For Yeşil Üzümlü and Fethiye, Botanic Tourism is more than a dream.

The City of Cadianda, a settlement in the northern tip of the Xanthos Valley of the Antique Lycia, is located on topo of a hill at a distance of about 9 km from the centre of Yeşilüzümlü

In historical records there is not much information about the early periods of this city. The ruins in the neighbourhood clearly reveals that tit was a prominent settlement during the Roman period. In Lycian cities it is observed that the walls are erected by numerous uncut stones. The stones used for the walls are put together side by side, leaving no slace in between and without using mortar. These walls are named as Cyclop Walls.

Cyclops are mythological creatures with low brows. According to ancient beliefs, they go only to cities where good-hearted people live and help them build their city walls.

Cyclop Walls exist in almost all Lycian cities. However, the best samples are witnessed at Cadianda The system on the city walls are recognized as a special sample in the world of archaeology. What is more important, all those interested in archaeology throughout the world get to know Cadianda, Üzümlü, Fethiye and Turkey by virtue of these walls.