Why the Southern Mediterranean Coast of Turkey is the place to sail away

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4 Reasons why the Southern Mediterranean Coast of Turkey is the place to sail away to for your next holiday

Holidays should be a time to relax, seek new experiences and enjoy your free time. A Gulet cruise on Turkey’s southern Mediterranean coast is the perfect remedy to all of these and more.

  1. Relaxation

Blue Cave KekovaNothing can be more relaxing than basking in the glorious sunshine of the Mediterranean waters aboard a Gulet cruise. There are many types of cruises to choose from in the area depending on the number of days you wish to sail aboard one of these fantastic vessels. A great way to explore the southern coast would be to travel from fethiye to kekova. Travelling along this route gives you the opportunity to start your journey in Fethiye, a bustling Turkish town which sees numerous yachts arrive during the summer months. Whilst here, take time to explore the Lycian Rock Tombs which stand impressively over the town or take a trip into the old town, Paspatur, to treat yourself to local textiles, gold or a bite to eat. After Fethiye, sail along the glistening coastline to Kas, a small harbor town with beautiful vistas and plenty of places to unwind over a cold drink. Following on from Kas is Kekova, yet another beautiful town to while away your time watching locals and daytrippers alike going about their business.

  1. History

Butterfly Valley Fethiye TurkeyTurkey is packed with history. With a rich history and culture there is much to explore in the county. From the change of the Ottoman Empire to the Republic of Turkey as well as ancient groups such as the Lycians, you are sure to learn something new everyday here. Along the southern Mediterranean coast you will find numerous areas of interest. The Lycians are little known about, in the West especially, but the marks they have left on this stretch of coastline is amazing. The Lycian people inhabited the land between the seaside areas of Fethiye and Antalya, which is a mountainous, vast expanse of land. Rather than walking the 509KM walkway of the Lycian Way, why not view it from the waters below. Along the coastline are many Tombs such as those in Fethiye and ancient sites for example at Patara. Many places of interest will have guides to provide you with information or a friendly local will no doubt want to share their rich history with you.

  1. Food

Whilst on holiday, there is nothing better than enjoying lots of new and exotic food. Well a holiday in Turkey will give you the chance to indulge in exquisite local, fresh food. With markets popping up almost daily, it is so easy to find local, fresh food. Whether it be numerous fruits and vegetables or the local fishermen’s catch of the day, you will never be stuck for something fresh and tasty to eat. Turkish people have a very strong link to their food, it is not seen as purely a source of fuel for the body, it is much more than that. Fresh bread is served with every meal, rich or poor it doesn’t matter, everyone enjoys the aroma of freshly baked bread. Families gather to enjoy their meals together, often sharing from a mixture of dishes. Stuffed vines leaves, borek (pastry) , karniyarik (a vegetable dish), fresh fish, grilled meats and fresh fruit are staple foods. To truly immerse yourself in the delights of the local food I recommend sailing with Alaturka Fethiye. They have amazing chefs onboard who cook up a storm!

  1. People

turkey gulet charterLast but by no means least – people. Whether it is the locals you’ll meet on your travels, or your fellow sailing companions, this is a great place to meet new, interesting and most importantly, fun, people. From the moment you arrive, the Turkish people will welcome you with warm, friendly smiles. Although many speak second languages such as English and German, you will no doubt bump into some locals who are only able to communicate with you via smiles, hand signals and a welcome as though you are their long lost family. Onboard a Gulet is a brilliant opportunity to meet like-minded people to share your experiences with. There are numerous types and lengths of cruises which makes it possible to share the journey with more than one set of companions. Some of the best nights of a sailing trip are the evenings spent on board chatting, dancing and enjoying a drink or two under the stars.