Rafting & Canoeing

rafting adventure in dalaman from fethiye

Canoeing on the Eşen River, accompanied by licensed trainers and guides, rowing along the currents surrounded by beautiful natural panorama, comes to an end at the antique city of Patara with a beach of 18 km. The route is about 15 km. with stop-overs for lunch, mud bath and swimming. Travel agencies take all the precautions for a safe journey, insuring the passengers and providing proper training for them before the start of the journey. The venture lasts about 6 hours on calm waters where small cascades and whirlpools add to the excitement. Rafting is done on the Dalaman River with a stronger flow. The river is very clear, fed by natural limestone, easily accessible and in close proximity to tourism centres, rafting can be carried out throughout the year.

The level of the water rises especially during September and October and small waterfalls occur. The river runs through mountain passes at certain points. The one at the Akköprü bridge divides the river into two sections. The higher section has a rank of 5 degrees in hardship while it is 3-4 degrees at the lower section, both of them an irresistible attraction to enhance adrenalin, which makes the Dalaman River a significant location.