Mountain Biking

mountain biking in Fethiye Turkey

Do you want an alternative winter holiday? Something other than skiing?
Are you tired of riding the same trail every time?
Do you want to ride a mountain bike in a nice temperature in the fall, winter or spring?

It is possible!

We want to spoil you in Turkey with the most beautiful off-road tracks you can find!

Distance, ascent, difficulty, … it is all possible here in Fethiye! Loops going from 25 to 100+km or even a multi-day trip. With enough variation to relax after a ride! Finger licking meals are on the menu and  for the non cycling companion there are more than enough activities to have a very enjoyable day!

The mountainous environment around the seaside of Fethiye is perfect for mountain biking. Mountain trails where you can see wild goats or chameleons without them being behind a fence or glass, enough places where you can fill your bottle with cold, refreshing delicious mountain spring water. Little streams where you can cool yourself down after a nice climb and all of this in combination with the delicious Turkish cuisine.

Fethiye cycling trails:

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