Kitesurf & Wind Surfing

kite surfing in calis beach fethiye

he Surfing Centre at the Çalış Beach, at a distance of 10 km. to the city centre is an ideal location for those wishing to be trained in this field and to participate in wind surf and kite surf. Experienced and licensed trainers hold courses here Every year many sportsmen coke here from Europe, especially from Switzerland, Germany and England to be trained in wind and kite surfing. Those keen on wind surf can achieve results after working with experienced and licensed trainers for a minimum of 3 hours.

The wind blows in Fethiye from March to the end of October. It is both thermal and quite regular. There are no currents, rocky formations, sand hills and medusas here. The sea traffic is not hazardous. The centre is within the preservation area for caretta caretta turtles.