Interesting and budget-friendly markets in Fethiye.

fethiye'nin birbirinden enteresan pazarları

In Fethiye, the markets that are established almost every day in different neighborhoods  offer fresh fruits, vegetables and a thousand different kinds of organic products. But there are a few of them that you can find from the second hand clothes to antique items, shoes to motorcycles that will save you from walking store to store. These markets are both budget friendly and enjoyable …


ingiliz pazarı Fethiye stant fotoğrafı

Established by the British settled in Fethiye, the market is the meeting point of those who want to sell the goods in their homes or want to buy cheaply. It is better to go to this market alone because you may forget your body and get lost in so many interesting things… It is worth to go to the market very early where the interest is extremely high. This market opens at 7am. In the meantime, you can have your breakfast there with homemade cakes, pies, pastries at the stands.

ingiliz pazarı gramafon

For those who don’t know how to reach British market, you can go with the small buses (Dolmuş) to Çalış.

You can find all sorts of things like bags, dresses, chandeliers, rugs, assorted shoes, iron, toaster, everything you can think of.


fethiye ikinci el pazarı

It is inevitable to contribute to the home budget in this market where only women can stand. Clothes, shoes, coats and many more are sold in the market and almost everything between 1 and 5 liras. Don’t hesitate to ransack stands because everything is mixed up best things are found by going deep. This bazaar is on the first thursday of every month and it will be a good choice to go early in the morning. Located in the market area in the center of Fethiye, Dolgusahası district next to the soccer stadium.


fethiye cuma pazarında yerel tohumcu teyzeler

This market is one of the most favorite, Fethiye’s local producers’ healthy and high quality food that can meet every need for a kitchen.

fethiye cuma pazarı el yapımı bazlama lavaş

Milk, cheese, butter, flour, fruits, vegetables, bulgur, tarhana (sundried food made of curd, tomato and flour for cooking soup), walnuts and much more. We advice to stop by the local seed producers’ stands. When you come to this market, do not leave without eating Turkish pancake (gozleme) served with pickles, and fresh orange juice and pomegranate juice that are all from villagers own garden.

Located in the same market area of second hand bazaar.

fethiye narları armutları balkabağı