12 Islands Daily Boat Trip

12 islands boat trip from Fethiye Turkey

The best activity on a holiday is to take a boat and cruise trough different spots and islands of the area if you are in Mediterranean. Turkey has lots of beauty and treasures but there are more to be discovered and seen only by the sea. We have beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters and every single spot of the coast line is full of history!
One of the best daily boat tour in Fethiye is the 12 Islands Daily Boat Tour. Your day will start with pick-up from your resort and a short drive to Fethiye harbour. As soon as all the customers welcome on board, our well trained, smiley faced staff will get ready to leave the harbour with your comfortable sail motor boat which is a traditional wooden gullet boat with engine and mast to sail.
Sunshine and turquoise waters of Fethiye is waiting for you. Take your place on the deck and relax all the day with stunning Fethiye view.
There will be different islands on the trip and our captain will stop on a few of them for swim and lunch break. Some of the islands can be seen only from boat. But we stop in the best of them!
If you want to relax and unwind this is the best choice for you. Lay down on the deck under the Mediterranean sun, listen to the whistle of the wind and have a fresh cooked meal on the deck. And a surprise! You may see some special spots that Cleopatra has visited before you!