Scuba Diving


The crystal clear water along the shores of Fethiye is ideal for underwater diving which is one of the fast-developing and most enjoyable type of sports. There are no detrimental conditions along the long coastline makes it possible to be trained in this field with ease and in safety. The experienced diving centres in the region organize large-scale courses for beginners and experienced divers day and night, based on PADI, CMAS and BSAC methods. Twenty diving points are selected for experienced divers where there are shallow rocks, impressive caves, walls and tunnels. Furthermore, archaeological diving is also possible to observe some amphora from 334 B.C. when Alexander the Great conquered Asia.

You can participate in weekly diving tours organized on traditional gullets and improve your skill at diving points on route to Fethiye-Kaş or Fethiye-Marmaris. Weekly tours also afford you training courses on board at the end of which you receive your certificates. While you are being trained by experienced divers, you can have a rest against the fascinating backdrop of the Mediterranean. Experienced diving teams will be at your service with contemporary and safe diving and sailing equipment…Anyone who is in good health and feels comfortable at sea, older than 12 years of age can easily participate in this activity. To discover the wealth of underwater and acquire the skill of diving, it is sufficient to participate daily diving tours. Immediately after formalities are carried out in the morning, your boat reaches the diving point after a short trip. Pursuant to an introductory course of professional diving teachers about equipment and rules, it is time for your first dive in shallow waters. The second dive you will perform together with your trainer and guide in the afternoon will add to your pleasure… Life in the Mediterranean includes varied species ranging from fish to octopus, crawfish, lobsters, eels and, less frequently tortoises and dolphins. The fauna and flora awaits the flashes of underwater photographers to display their magnificent colours.

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