Let’s get up and dance Fethiye!


Of course, music and dance not only serve as social glue, but are also very useful for our physical and mental health. Recent studies revealed that one of the keys to happiness and satisfaction is right on the dance floor.


Why dancing makes us happy?

When we dance our brain releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that create a feeling of comfort, relaxation, fun and power. Music and dance do not only activate the sensory and motor circuits of our brain, but also the pleasure centers.

Dancing is also a social activity that allows us connect with the others, share experiences and meet new people, which has a very positive effect on our mental health.

Don’t think about which dance type to do. Here is our fun-filled story about dance types and where to do it.

1- TANGO at the Tangomim Argentina Tango School

murat didem tango fethiye
Murat ve Didem Çetinkaya

Tango is a special dance that makes audience feel the love and passion, which gives emotion-laden and direct feelings and also quite different figure practices and improvised dancing skills to the dancers. For this reason, tango stands out as a kind of music and dance that carries elegance and takes  a special place among other dance types.

tango fethiye

There are a few tango classes in Fethiye. However, you must attend the classes given by Murat Çetinkaya and Didem Avşar in the Tangomim Argentine Tango School. His interest in his students encourages them to learn this dance. Turkish Dance Federation certified bilingual instructors accompany to the lessons at Vanilla Beach in Çalış. Beginners, intermediate and advanced courses are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18.00 to 21.00. Group lessons and private lessons are also available.

Tango can’t be without a Milonga night so thats on fridays nights between 20:30 and 01:00

milonga tango fethiye

FB Page: Fethiye Tangomim.

Address: Foça District, 1439 street, Fethiye, Muğla/Turkey

Phone: +90 533 438 7368

2- “LINDY HOP ve SOLO JAZZ” with Kıvanç KIŞLAL and İdil KIŞLAL

kivanc ve idil lindy hop
Kıvanç ve İdil Kışlal

If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s an extremely fun dance that  you’ll never forget after reading our article.

Lindy Hop was born in the golden age of Jazz in Harlem and New York City in the late 1920s. It is a cheerful and playful jazz dance that accompanies swing music. Lindy Hop blends energetic postures, moves  close to the ground  of African dances and partnered stances of European dances. Besides being a partnered dance, it is a social dance type that allows the dancers to improvise and express their characters.

lindy hop

Trainers Kıvanç Kışlal and İdil Kışlal say “While dancing and during our lessons, we attach importance to the connection, mutual listening, dynamism, rhythm and acting improvisations allowed by the connection. It is a great pleasure for us to share this dance that we love very much”.

If you would like to learn Sola Jazz / Charleston an Lindy Hop, don’t miss these courses.

FB Page: Fethiye Lindy Hoppers

E-mail: kkislal@gmail.com

Phone: +90 538 878 0099

3-  “FLAMENKO” at Fethiye Sanat Atölyesi with Ahmet Tek

flamenko fethiye

Although flamenco reminds us kicking the ground, fast rhythms and applause, flamenco art is much more than that.

The art of rebellion and passion. As a result of the civil war in Spain in 1936, many important artists had to leave their country. This opened the way for the flamenco to cross the borders of Spain and to spread this art. According to the artists, the popularization of flamenco brought the ostentation within. Flamenco got a rather exaggerated form in theaters and touristic places. With increasing shows, albums, easy to find special costumes and shoes, Flamenco has attracted a lot of attention.

For flamenco lovers, your place is Fethiye Art Studio – Instructor Ahmet Tek

FB Page: Fethiye Sanat Atölyesi

Address: Cumhuriyet District, Çarşı Avenue, No:48/A Fethiye, Muğla/Turkey

Phone: +90 533 085 1656

4- “SALSA” at Fethiye Dance Academy

salsa fethiye

Salsa is a modern dance spread all over the world, is named after the Spanish word Salsa, meaning sauce. Just as sauces consist of a mixture of various spices, this dance is named salsa because of the combination of different cultures.

You can join courses or take private lessons from instructors to learn salsa which is an artistic, aesthetic and social dance.

salsa fehiye

You can participate in salsa every Thursday at Fethiye Dance Academy. Take a step, open a new page for your life. You can apply for a free trial course.

FB page: Fethiye DANS Academi

Address: Taşyaka District, Ölüdeniz Avenue, İşpark 2.floor No:2 (beside Erasta Shopping Mall) Fethiye, Muğla/Turkey

Phone: +90 555 874 4555