Kaya Village Art Camp


The art camp at the Kaya Village is located in a grassed garden with various plants and trees. The daily activities are carried out at the campsite and at the natural and historical sites in the vicinity. There are common grounds where meals are taken and activities are undertaken. There is a library with books on art, archaeology, nature and tourism, which is enriched continuously. Activities at the workshops last until noon daily. In the second half of the day, walks are taken to natural and historical sites in the vicinity. At the end of these walks everyone goes swimming. There are areas allocated for having a good time, reading, and dreaming in and around the camp. There are slide/film shows and informal chats in the evenings. The shows display renowned works of art from our country, as well as from the world. The nights continue with music and chats. WORKSHOPS: There are workshops of photography, ceramics, painting, wood-painting, carpet weaving, marbling, etc. All the courses are given at beginners’ level and the products are exhibited at the end of the season.


Address: Kaya Village, Fethiye, Turkey

Phone: +90 533 763 62 73

Website: https://sanatkampi.com/

Email: kayaartcamp@gmail.com