Liqueur recipes you can make at home, made with fruits and herbs of Fethiye, which are delicious and healing!

likör tarifleri içki

Did you know that liqueurs were medicines in the past? The liqueurs prepared by the healers (witches) have started to be consumed as a drink due to the aromatic tastes left by the mouth with the addition of sugar.

We have compiled the liqueur recipes that you can’t taste at any place, which are very easy to make at home but also needs attention. The most important factors that will make your liqueur to succeed are collecting fruits and plants in the season while they are at the most mature and fragrant period. It is a blessing for those who live in Fethiye because of the location that you can find freshest of fruits and plants. Read on to taste untasted flavors, to prepare your own drink.


kavun likörü kayaköy kavunu içki

The whom tasted Kayakoy melon knows the taste, for those who don’t know this melon it has an exquisite smell. For the ones not living in Fethiye, you can prepare with any fragrant melon. In this recipe we are using honey instead of sugar.

1 melon

1lt ethyl alcohol

3lt water

1/2kg honey

4 sticks of cinnamon

Cut the melon in half and clean the core and slice it. Place it in a sterile glass jar and add alcohol, cinnamon and cover for 20 days in a dark place and shake it occasionally. At the end of 20 days, remove the melon and cinnamon sticks and filter. Boil 3 liters of clean water and then cool it. Add the honey into this water and melt. Add the honey water to the alcohol with melon we have filtered. Your liqueur is ready to drink in about two weeks, but keep in mind that the longer the liqueur waits, the better it will be. Do not forget to share with your loved ones.


Every corner of Fethiye is surrounded by carob trees. The fruits of this majestic tree are a complete healing store. Good for cough, flu, bone resorption and anemia. It is expectorant, opens the bronchi, is useful for smokers and is very effective on shortness of breath. You can drink this liquor as a syrup and it is a great companion of coffee.

1 kg carob

1lt ethyl alcohol

3lt water

400g sugar

First of all, we wash and clean all carobs. Divide each of the carob into 5-6 pieces and put it into a jar with all ingredients. Move the jar in a dark place for 2 months and shake it occasionally. Like all liqueurs, the carob liquer tastes better the longer you wait. Try this magnificent liqueur that you have never tasted before. Surprise your guests with the drink of this fruit belonging to our region. Whether healing.


karabaş otu likörü lavandula

Lavandula stoechas is found a lot in Fethiye during the spring months and it is a healing herb. With its antioxidant attribute it protects the body against many diseases, increases the body resistance. It is known to be effective against cancer, thanks to the geraniol which is contained in it, reducing the risk of developing cancer and preventing the growth of tumors. Cineol inside lavandula stoechas has a calming effect on the body. Likewise, it removes the sputum caused by smoking or diseases.

1 bunch of french lavender

1lt ethyl alcohol

2,5lt water

1kg sugar

Tear off the purple flowers of french lavender, but not only the flower part, but also the leaves when you remove it from the tip. Place in glass jar and add alcohol. First of all, we keep herbs in alcohol to make liqueurs. French lavender waiting in alcohol will turn into a brown color, and in about a week it gives all its aroma to alcohol. After a week, strain with the help of a gauze. Boil 2.5 liters of water with 1 kg of sugar and then let the sherbet cool down. After cooling, add into the herbal alcohol. Soak for 20 days in a dark place. You know the smell of lavender, this herb has almost the same smell. In 1 month, your great healing french lavender liqueur is ready to drink. Enjoy it with your friends.


portakal çiçeği likörü

A good reason to come to Fethiye in the spring; The smell of orange blossom wraps all the gardens in all the streets. Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons and grapefruits have a natural anti-depressant. You can be sure that these fragrances, which have a positive effect on anxiety and stress, will revive and cheer you up in a short time. These beautiful flowers are poured into the bottom of the tree in windy spring days, it is important to collect the spills and leave the ones on the branch for fructify. This is our liqueur recipe with a beautiful aroma of these beautiful fragrant flowers.

Orange blossoms as much as to fill a 3lt jar

1lt ethyl alcohol

3lt water

Take lonely petals of flowers. Wash and filter in a strainer. Add into a jar with alcohol and cover for 3-4 days. Strain the flowers that are held in alcohol and boil the sugar with 3 liters of clean water and cool and add to the orange blossom flavored alcohol. Approximately in a week your liqueur is ready with a pleasant scent. Bon appetite.


portakal likörü

Jam, orange juice, tea and dessert are made from orange grown in Fethiye. There are so many in this region, for those who want to make something different from orange, here is our very simple orange liqueur recipe.

4 kg orange

1 kg sugar

1lt ethyl alcohol

5-6 sticks of cinnamon

10-15 pieces of clove (dianthus)

dilim portakal portakal likörü

Thoroughly wash and dry the oranges and slice them with the shells as you see in the image above. Add the oranges, suger and spices to a sizeable glass jar. Rinse for a period of about a month in a dark place and shake occasionaly till oranges release all the juice. Add alcohol to the juice you strain and leave it for a month. During hot summer days you can enjoy your own cooling drink with ice and mint leaves. That’s it; a simple recipe.