Blessings coming with spring! Here are the healing herbs of Fethiye.

şifalı ot semizotu

Fethiye’s beaches, sun, air, coast and nature are all unique as well as flavored herbs, olive oil dishes, lemon, mandarin, olives, cheeses and fish. In addition to all these beauties, the markets offer new and fresh flavors in every season. It is impossible to be hungry in this magnificent geography where many herbs such as monster fruit, black thyme, poppy, hibiscus, pigweed, asparagus, horseradish, watercress, aruncus, sarsaparilla, beam and radish grass grow spontaneously. Both healthy and delicious. We have listed the purpose of healing;


kazayagi otu gazyak gazıyak şifalı otPigweed (known with names “kazıyak, gazyak, kara kazıyak or gazayağı” in Turkish) is a parsley-like plant. You can make pickles, salads or a hot meal. So it goes into every part of the kitchen. Pigweeds that you encounter on streamside strengthens immunity and is good for stomach, hair and skin.


ebegümeci şifalı bitki öksürük ve balgama iyi gelen ebegümeci çiçeği

Kind of a fairy-tale plant with lilac or pink colored flowers. Besides making salads, pastry and dishes, it is useful in the elimination of sputum in the lungs, cough and bronchitis, vocal dilemmas, and emphysema. Add flowers to the salad and revolutionize the kitchen.


şevketi bostan yenilebilir yabani otlar

Also known as milk thistle. This herb is found in nature from January to March. Some people cook it with lamb meet, while others are using it boiled in salads. It is said that if you drink the boiling water of silybum marianum in the morning on an empty stomach, there is much healing for liver and renal calculus.


gelincik gelincik otu yenilebilir otlar

You will also get a healing flavor when you collect and fry the green parts before the flowering period. You can also use it in salads. Not only at the table, but also used as natural medicine, poppies are said to be used as expectorant, antitussive, sedative and good for bronchitis as well as the effect of stopping the bleeding when bandage a wound with the mush of puppy.


isirganotu şifalı bitki yabani bitkiler

Dead Nettle is one of the indispensable when we talk about herb dishes. Strengthens blood circulation, cleares blood, protects from ulcers, heals wounds, prevent the spread of resistant micro-organisms and good for diseases of pancreas, stomach, liver, intestines and gall bladder.


radika karahindiba yabani ot

The dandelion is a daisy family vegetable and an annual plant. Besides cooking a meal you can use leaves for a salad. Commonly leaves of dandelion are collected in spring and consumed as herbs and vegetables. These leaves are known in Turkey as “Hindiba” and “Radika”. It has a slightly bitter taste, but it is definitely not annoying. Generally speaking, dandelion upgrades the work capacity of kidneys and liver extraordinarily. It affects the connective tissue very positively and helps the blood to reach all the cells. It provides strengthening for the weak people with the effect of the active substances it contains. Calcium and mineral deposits.


çiriş kiriş yabani ot

In the rumors it is said that asphodelus is consumed considering that it extends life. Because it is very delicious, you can use it in dishes or eat it alone. Asphodelus is a source of vitamin C and can be found in the Fethiye peasants market from March on spring time.


tilkişen kuşkonmaz

It is fun to chase for asparagus during forest walks but you should know where to look. It is placed where there is green thorny bushes. It is a healthy vegetable that is rich in protein and minerals as well as vitamins A, B, C, which are proven as antidote to many diseases. Mostly eaten in salads and soups and also roasted with eggs.


suteresi su teresi yabani otlar

Watercress is a herb that grows in well-watered areas. It grows especially in regions with abundant precipitation and near fresh water streams. The most common names of watercress with regional discrepancies in Turkey are “kardumanı”, “sezap” and “cırcır”. Watercress has pungent smell, slightly sour and bitter taste. It can be consumed in dishes or in salads also can be used as a source of healing by extracting distilation. Watercress is such a plant that it is good for all kinds of problems, from open wounds to sexual disturbances. Especially the possibility to consume it in many forms makes watercress extremely valuable.